Passion Above All with Ian Koniak, Episode #205


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Ian Koniak, Founder & President of Ian Koniak Sales Coaching. Ian talks about habits, time management, and other things that will help make you successful.

Episode Highlights:

  • Ian shares his background story and how he started his current venture, Ian Koniak Sales Coaching. (2:06)
  • Ian explains why having no sales experience was one of his biggest challenges when he was starting out. (8:55)
  • Ian discusses how these challenges he experienced taught him about being resilient. (11:20)
  • Ian explains that he created a business model called “coaching as a service” that is based on customer retention and customer success. (17:26)
  • Ian discusses how having a core base helps with both renewals as well as referrals, and the key is to give value to customers. (20:49)
  • Ian shares that updating your vision enables you to create new directions and avoid burnout. (27:38)
  • Ian elaborates on two types of revenue-generating activities, the creation of a pipeline and the advancement of the pipeline. (35:27)
  • Ian claims that most people are spending their time on non-valuable activities instead of revenue-generating activities. (40:45)
  • Ian shares that if people want to know how much their true rate is, they should look at how many hours they really work on revenue activities. (45:21)
  • Ian explains that the most successful people in the world, across all industries, are those who are truly committed over a long period of time. (49:09)
  • Ian discusses that if people want to be successful, they don’t need to reinvent the wheel but only follow the basic fundamental principles of success. (54:11)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “On the road to mastery, there’s going to be a lot of mundane work that, frankly, isn’t fun. And we’re in this dopamine-craving society where people just want immediate gratification.” – Ian Koniak
  • “I know we’re talking about ourselves and being the best you can be. But ultimately, to really succeed at the highest level, you have to make it about other people.” – Ian Koniak
  • “Kobe Bryant went to practice hours before practice started because he wanted to be the absolute best. And until you can get yourself psychologically to a point where you’re committed to yourself and your family and everybody else, you’re going to be your best. The rest of it really doesn’t matter.” – Ian Koniak

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