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In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Alex Toler, CIC, Workers Compensation Insurance Specialist at DeWitt Insurance, Inc. Alex shares best practices in minimizing the impact of Workers’ Compensation and saving money.

Episode Highlights:

  • David introduces Alex Toler. (1:30)
  • Alex shares that he grew up being exposed to business because his father manages stores, while his mother was in sales. (4:21)
  • Alex mentions that while he was in college, he worked for American National doing personal lines underwriting. (6:00)
  • Alex shares that he worked with a State Farm agent for a year doing sales, and he quickly realized that it’s not what he wanted. (10:44)
  • Alex has been working at DeWitt Insurance for about 4 years. (12:30)
  • Alex mentions that he’s the third-generation owner of his father’s car wash business. (13:55)
  • Alex thinks that his work ethic and ability in customer service grew when he worked for his father. (14:08)
  • Alex shares that their management system supports most of the back end to where they can grow and build their teams inside of the agency. (21:57)
  • Alex shares the reason why he enjoys working at DeWitt Insurance because they are all on the same page and everything has been leveled upfront. (24:54)
  • Alex mentions their 3 significant rules, don’t cheat, don’t steal, and don’t lie. (25:03)
  • Alex shares one of the good elements that they have is their buying power, and they get a higher commission for some carriers and things of that nature. (25:54)
  • Alex thinks that chargebacks can help you understand what you’re doing in business. (36:21)
  • Alex explains that we should all have good relationships with our attorney and our accountant, especially in the insurance space. (57:34)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I could go after what type of business I want to write, and if I don’t feel like selling stuff for a month, I don’t have to sell stuff for a month because nobody is breathing down my neck. It’s you who eats what you kill.” – Alex Toler
  • “I know we have a market. So I’ll spend the time on it, and sometimes it takes you away from going after what our focused business is. But it’s really good to set up a relationship.” – Alex Toler
  • “A lot of times, you need these documents to be compliant with your insurance policy. And so I think those are two great places to have good relationships, and you can all share plenty of business and do right by people. And I think so many people are afraid to do a little bit of free work.” – Alex Toler

Resources Mentioned:

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Kyle Houck