Perfectly Prepared Proposals with Joe Ardeeser, Episode #267


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Joe Ardeeser, Founder of Smart Pricing Table. Joe discusses how the Smart Pricing Table software excels in building catalogs, pricing tables, and analytics for a better understanding of prospect interactions.

Episode Highlights:

  • Joe discusses the decision to sell their business and make their own in-house solution for writing proposals, and four years later, they launched it as Smart Pricing Table. (2:56)
  • Joe explains that their software excels in building catalogs and analytics on lower-level interactions and focuses on pricing tables and scope of work, allowing for a better understanding of prospects’ interactions. (9:00)
  • Joe shares that their journey led to numerous discoveries including the ability to have someone else create proposals for a catalog, customer impressions, and the importance of optionality. (20:16)
  • Joe explains that building momentum in proposal creation involves asking new questions and updating your system as it allows for a more straightforward process, resulting in faster proposals and better outcomes. (26:56)
  • Joe discusses how a great proposal can significantly impact the outcome, making it crucial to critically think about it and make a difference in the process. (34:15)
  • Joe discusses the Profitable Proposal Blueprint which is a free guide available on the Smart Pricing Table website which includes five secret tips for continuous improvement. (40:45)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “There are lots of different solutions on the market, you know, where our software really hits it hard is building that catalog. That’s the thing that we do really, really well. And because we’re so focused on your pricing table, your scope of work, we also have analytics on lower-level interaction.” – Joe Ardeeser
  • “I think when we decided to go on the journey, there were so many discoveries. One of them is the fact that when you create a catalog, you can actually have someone else create proposals for you, which is a really, really helpful game changer.” – Joe Ardeeser
  • “I love the idea of building momentum. So each time you’re creating a proposal, you’re asking new questions, a lot of questions you’ve already answered, but you’re asking some new questions. And you’re always building your system.” – Joe Ardeeser

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