Pipeline Signals with Jamie Shanks, Episode #204


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Jamie Shanks, CEO of Pipeline Signals. Jamie talks about CRM lead production and the things you can do to integrate your process.

Episode Highlights :

  • Jamie shares how 10 years ago he invented a sales category called “social selling”. (2:17)
  • Jamie explains the concept and the whole process of a situation challenge resolution. (5:23)
  • Jamie shares what a total addressable market is and how it is related to an ideal CRM situation. (9:00)
  • Jamie discusses three different integration models: CRM integration, Zapier integration, and CSV file organization. (14:52)
  • Jamie shares that Pipeline Signals has recently entered the insurance world and are currently pioneering this space called relationship signals. (17:27)
  • Jamie explains social selling, which is broken into two avenues, reputation management or brand management and account based sales development, both of which are very important. (20:18)
  • Jamie shares that for individual producers, you have to have the relationship signals. (26:59)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “CRM, you know, globally still only has something like a 10% or 20%, penalty penetration rate of businesses over a million dollars around the world. So there is still a vast majority of companies that do not use CRM.” – Jamie Shanks
  • “What I say to people is, specifically in professional services, in insurance, you know, what are you selling? You’re not selling a product or solution, you are first selling yourself, you are in the relationship space.” – Jamie Shanks
  • “The fastest way to scale your business is to reverse engineer your happy customers, called the sphere of influence, and identify those that leave your happy customers in a sphere of influence and go to other businesses.” – Jamie Shanks

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