Power of Pink with Sandra Gebhardt, Episode #279


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Sandra Gebhardt, an Online Marketing Strategist. Sandra discusses her expertise and strategies in building a brand and marketing effectively on digital platforms.

Episode Highlights:

  • Sandra shares her personal story of facing challenges such as her husband’s brain tumor diagnosis and navigating a non-compete agreement while pregnant with their son. (1:55)
  • Sandra discusses the importance of having the right mindset in marketing, understanding the true nature of building a brand, and recognizing the impact of controlling the message. (9:20)
  • David emphasizes the significance of personal branding and authenticity in marketing and the necessity of professional management for digital advertising campaigns. (15:43)
  • Sandra believes that building a strong organic presence, having a good paid strategy, and implementing a marketing strategy is crucial for building a solid foundation in marketing.  (25:59)
  • Sandra explains that in the online world, we only have one-quarter of a second to capture someone’s attention, and it takes an average of 21 brand exposures before someone makes a buying decision. (30:43)
  • Sandra discusses the 5x5x5 method for digital marketing: send five connection requests, interact on five posts, and send five valuable direct messages every day, while also posting about yourself and your interests to build relationships online. (37:29)
  • Sandra mentions that she has a website where you can find information about her marketing services, as well as an app available for download with free training on the 5x5x5 methods. (52:40)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I speak at different events, and I train 95% of my clientele or insurance agents on how to build their own foundational marketing using social media platforms, mainly Facebook and LinkedIn.” – Sandra Gebhardt
  • “When you build a strong organic presence, when you have a good paid strategy, when you have a marketing strategy, you’re building a foundation, and that can’t be shook, your ads only get better as the pixels grow, as you learn the process of how to close an internet lead.” – Sandra Gebhardt
  • “When we’re talking about mindset, what do you need to know? There’s a huge difference between content creation and building a brand.” –  Sandra Gebhardt

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