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In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview David Watson, Partner & Director of Sales at Mappus Insurance Agency, Inc. David talks about his idea of the risk advisor process and how it became a game-changer for their agency.

Episode Highlights:

  • David gives a short background of Mappus Insurance Agency. (3:49)
  • David shares how he transitioned from being in a captive world. (5:13)
  • David shares his career at Mappus Insurance Agency. (11:50)
  • David explains where his idea of risk advisor came from. (18:17)
  • David shares how it’s been since the risk advisor process started. (21:09)
  • David mentions the changes that happened when they applied the process. (23:58)
  • What has been the biggest challenge for David going through that process? (25:27)
  • David shares the type of agency he’s looking for. (37:58)
  • David explains the PDFs they were working on. (49:49)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “We were ahead of the curve from day one. There was still so much room for improvement to really make that process so much more streamlined.” – David Watson
  • “This has changed the game for us and changed the game for myself. Maybe this is something that can change the game for independent agencies everywhere.” – David Watson
  • “I have a long Trello board of ideas that are gonna be great things for agencies and users. We need to focus on those core products to get started with, and then go from there.” – David Watson

Resources Mentioned:

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Kyle Houck