Processes for Sales Growth with Tim Rohling, Episode #241


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck sit down with Tim Rohling, Founder & President of Rohling Sales Growth Advisors. They discuss the many aspects of modern sales management and how to be a successful sales manager.

Episode Highlights:

  • Tim shares how he transitioned from engineering to sales and what he learned along the way. (2:29)
  • Tim discusses the significance of shifting from an individual contributor mindset to a team coach mindset. (12:10)
  • Tim mentions the factors he considers when determining whether or not a person will be a successful salesperson. (19:53)
  • Tim explains that modern sales management includes not just managing a sales team, but also helping in the management of a brand, integrating marketing and human leadership, and establishing a method for creating a sales funnel. (24:52)
  • Kyle shares how he got started in sales and how it has changed his life. (26:22)
  • Tim discusses the factors he considers when developing a sales process. (33:02)
  • Tim recommends that salespeople concentrate on progress rather than perfection because the idea of perfection itself is a myth. (37:41)
  • Tim encourages management, leadership, producers, and sales representatives to discover ways to learn more about the technology tools at their disposal and to push themselves to learn something new every day, rather than simply taking it for granted. (38:16)
  • Tim discusses what he loves about the tools available now for producers and sales reps. (41:52)
  • Tim encourages sales managers to educate themselves and begin to stretch their thoughts in order to be more collaborative. (44:25)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I bring that analytic mindset, which I think you need now more than ever, not just in sales management leadership, but also as a producer or sales rep. You just need to have that analytical mind to start to analyze your own performance and bring that to the team as well.” – Tim Rohling
  • “We have things in our mind that have worked in the past for other organizations. But every engagement is different. We need to understand you, because that’s really the only differentiator that you have in your business with everything being so competitive, and then develop the process accordingly.” – Tim Rohling
  • “A final message to sales managers, educate yourselves and start to flex your mind a little bit to be a little more collaborative.” – Tim Rohling

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