Raising the Roof with Peter Dunn, Episode #255


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Peter Dunn, Sr. Vice President, Commercial Division at DHI Commercial Roofing. Peter Dunn discusses DHI Commercial Roofing’s proactive approach to roof inspections and maintenance recommendations, as well as its use of technology to monitor weather events, and the importance of understanding insurance policies when it comes to roof damage.

Episode Highlights:

  • Peter explains how DHI Commercial Roofing serves as a dependable, single-source roofing partner for large corporations, providing honest and accurate assessments of roof conditions following extreme weather events. (2:30)
  • Peter mentions that DHI Commercial Roofing’s client base spans a variety of industries, including multi-family residential properties, banks, medical office buildings, movie theaters, and large industrial enterprises. (12:34)
  • Peter explains DHI Commercial Roofing’s approach of challenging adjusters to guarantee a fair assessment for their clients and ensure no damages are overlooked. (18:15)
  • Peter discusses the impact of high deductibles on insurance coverage for roofs and other assets, emphasizing the need for insurance agents to educate their clients about these matters. (26:08)
  • David mentions the importance of proactive communication with clients, particularly when delivering unfavorable news, and the need to set appropriate expectations. (35:24)
  • Peter shares that DHI Commercial Roofing adds value by providing comprehensive information, thus enabling customers to make more informed decisions from a proactive standpoint. (39:48)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “We’re a national service provider for big companies across the country that we basically have identified have a need for a trustworthy, reliable single source roofing partner that can give them an honest and accurate opinion on the condition of the rooms after severe weather strikes.” – Peter Dunn
  • “We use different technologies on the weather monitoring, and a little bit of technology on the actual inspections. But to truly evaluate the condition of a roof, you’ve got to physically get on that roof. You got to physically walk it and get really good eyes on it, to know what their conditions are.” – Peter Dunn
  • “If you can be a more informative educational resource for your clients, they’re going to appreciate that far more than the competition that’s chasing them every day. That’s the same thing we want to bring to you guys. Help your clients to make a more fully informed decision from a proactive stance. That’s where we can come in and help.” – Peter Dunn

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