RiskRevu with Kurt Thoennessen, Episode #202


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Kurt Thoennessen, personal risk advisor at Ericson Insurance Advisors & the founder and CEO of RiskRevu. Kurt talks about how digital forms allow insurance agencies to focus on serving their customers instead of spending time gathering information.

Episode Highlights:

  • Kurt shares his professional background and how he got into insurance.(2:35)
  • Kurt shares about family and multifamily offices, what they are and how they work. (7:49)
  • Kurt explains that they are looking to work with people that value them as advisors, people that are looking to them for advice about insurance. (12:47)
  • Kurt discusses how he deals with gathering the necessary information from high-net worth clients. (18:56)
  • Kurt shares that at Ericson they built a particular webpage called the “client diagnostics center” with specific client questionnaires. (26:14)
  • Kurt explains what led him to start RiskRevu which provides prebuilt digital forms for insurance agencies to gather information from their clients. (29:01)
  • Kurt shares his experiences being invited to conferences and his insights about the difference between then and now. (32:00)
  • Kurt discusses the possible expansions that he sees, not only for RiskRevu but for the industry as well. (36:04)
  • Kurt explains that he is most passionate about and focused on sharing with agents that there is a better way to gather information. (40:27)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “We’re looking to build those relationships, offer quality advice, and do the research so that we’re giving accurate answers. But we’ll work with anybody who wants to work with an advisor.” – Kurt Thoennessen
  • “Data gathering happens when a client’s buying a new home, it happens when they’re changing their mortgage, it happens when they’re, you know, changing the usage of a car or a boat, or whatever the case is.” – Kurt Thoennessen
  • “Right now, what I’m really passionate about and really focused on is just sharing with other agents that this is a better way to gather information. You can do it with your clients; they will be OK with it. In fact, many of them will like it.” – Kurt Thoennessen

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