Round Zero with Andy Phillips, Episode #245


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Andy Phillips, Author of Round Zero: Inside the NFL Draft. Andy discusses the Round Zero book, which focuses on the football draft process and gave him the opportunity to interview various individuals such as agents, coaches, players, and general managers to get a better understanding of what goes on in the months leading up to the NFL draft.


Episode Highlights:

  • Andy shares about his experience with the NFL draft process which led him to write a book where he interviewed agents, coaches, players, and general managers to understand what really takes place in the months leading up to the draft. (3:11)
  • Andy explains how he pursued his passion project to write a book featuring 18 people and their stories where he wanted to ensure that those 18 people were happy with the book, but also hoped that readers would enjoy it and learn from it. (12:20)
  • Andy mentions that he realized two important things while writing his book: he is better with deadlines and schedules, and he is more creative than he thought. (16:15)
  • Andy shares how Aaron Rodgers, despite being a star quarterback, treated him with respect and kindness even though Andy was the last man on the roster. (24:00)
  • Andy believes that Aaron Rodgers prioritizes earning respect from his teammates over media attention. (33:32)
  • According to Andy, offensive linemen and wrestlers have distinct personality traits that can be recognized within a minute of meeting them. (38:56)
  • Andy believes that persistence, listening, and providing value are key to success in the insurance industry. (44:38)
  • Andy shares how his extensive studying of the playbook earned him the trust of his team and how putting in enough work and research can lead to job security. (49:29)


Tweetable Quotes:

  • “When you’re organized and you’re thinking and you’re driven off of your career, you find yourself even more organized, even more motivated, and even more ready to succeed in the career too.” – Andy Phillips
  • “Normally, I’m a very black and white thinker, I’ve never been great in the gray area. You know this, we live in the gray area. And the book actually helped me with that, because every chapter wasn’t what I thought it would be. I had to live in the gray a little bit and when things didn’t go exactly black or white like I’m used to, that helped me with work, that helped me with life and that’s something I think I’d be able to carry a little bit more.” – Andy Phillips
  • “I find that if you’re persistent, and you have an ability to listen and provide a resource and provide value, you can have success in this industry.” – Andy Phillips


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