In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and guest co-host Justin Sloan interview Chris Craddock, CEO of The Redux Group, and host of the Uncommon Real Estate Podcast. Chris discusses all things real estate investment, scaling your business, leadership, and everything in between.   

Episode Highlights:

  • Chris discusses his background and how he got into the real estate market. (2:42)
  • Chris explains that the idea of figuring it out is important for being able to accept that the business has its ups and downs. (8:16)
  • Chris shares that one of the challenges the real estate industry is facing now is market inflation. (13:38)
  • Chris explains that the best place to put your money is in real estate if you can do home rentals and Airbnb. (16:30)
  • Chris discusses why you should invest your money in real estate rather than keep it in the bank. (20:37)
  • Chris shares that real estate is such a successful industry because they know how to find the best deals for their clients. (26:44)
  • Chris shares some of the books that he recommends for business owners to read if they want to work on their business and not in it. (27:49)
  • Chris shares what he discussed on his podcast called “Uncommon Real Estate Podcast”. (35:55)
  • Chris discusses the types of surprise expenses he has seen in the past and how he was able to handle those surprise expenses. (38:43)
  • Chris shares that, as a life coach, he has helped a lot of people to be the best version of themselves. (43:41)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “‘I’ve heard Tony Robbins say just so many times, that we never fail from lack of resources. It’s always a lack of resourcefulness. ” – Chris Craddock
  • “If you want to get into investing, you either need to know how to go directly to the seller, or you need to find somebody that does know how to go directly to the seller.” – Chris Craddock
  • “If they’ve never been burned before, then they’re somebody that just hasn’t been in it long enough.” – Chris Craddock

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