Saville Public Entity with Bob and Carson Saville, Episode #239


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Bob Saville, and Carson Saville of Saville Public Entity. Bob and Carson share their public sector knowledge and discuss how Saville Public Entity helps local insurance agents write and maintain their public entity accounts.

Episode Highlights:

  • Bob discusses the beginnings of Saville Public Entity and its path since the 1980s. (2:35)
  • Carson mentions that he and Bob started Seville Public Entity with no employees, just the two of them cold calling every day. They now insure 35 states and around 350 towns and counties. (4:30)
  • Bob explains that he now spends the majority of his time consulting with and helping agents. (9:04)
  • Carson explains that the first thing they discuss in a city is their budget so that they can notify the client if there is anything coming up, such as a huge rate increase. (16:45)
  • Carson mentions that the average size of a public entity with whom they operate ranges from 500 dollars to 2 million dollars. (21:04)
  • Bob believes that the more educated an agent is, especially in the public sector, the better partner they are for them since they understand their value. (23:55)
  • Bob and Carson provide some guidance to agents seeking to make it into a public entity (31:07)
  • Bob explains that people need to comprehend the evaluation framework and how it will affect the city or the business. (44:54)
  • Bob explains the importance of identifying the renewal due date and pricing on the front end before processing with the carrier. (46:31)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I think the more educated an agent is, even in the public sector, the better partner they are for us because they realize our value.” – Bob Saville
  • “Most of our local agents, their biggest value added is that they’re local, they know everybody in town, they can relate to the other employees.” – Carson Saville
  • “You better know when the council is voting on this. And it’s not always going before Council, some of your smaller towns and cities might not take a council but at some point, they’ve got to get this in their budget and the city manager’s got to make a decision. So you better have your quotes ready and better have a game plan, or else you’ll miss the boat.” – Carson Saville

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