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In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck talk about the risks and benefits of writing Cyber. 

Episode Highlights:

  • David and Kyle talk about the dos and don’ts for writing Cyber. (2:12)
  • David and Kyle share insight into the increase in premiums. (4:25)
  • Davis shares what he likes about what ProWriters has done. (10:25)
  • Kyle tells David his experience in Masterclass. (14:34)
  • David and Kyle talk about grills. (16:27)
  • David and Kyle talk about Chris Voss. (18:35)
  • David and Kyle share some Football insights. (21:18)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “If my premium is a well run managed services provider who has all of the proper protocols in place, every ounce of security, like literally everything I need is going to double then I have to believe a good chunk of my competition is going out of business” – David Carothers
  • “I have to wonder how many agents are listening to this right now that write cyber and feel good about it and they can’t tell you with absolute certainty which of their clients have reimbursement forms and which have pay on behalf of? I’m willing to bet the overwhelming majority don’t know. That’s a big deal, man. ” – David Carothers

Resources Mentioned:

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