Simply Noted with Rick Elmore, Episode #249


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Rick Elmore, CEO and Founder of Simply Noted. Rick discusses the benefits of sending handwritten notes, both in terms of building relationships and increasing customer loyalty, and how Simply Noted can help businesses grow authentically.

Episode Highlights:

  • Rick explains that Simply Noted is a platform that uses handwriting robots to send personalized and customized handwritten thank you notes, birthday cards, and anniversary cards to help companies, agencies, and entrepreneurs build relationships and loyalty. (0:53)
  • Rick shares how he came up with the concept of Simply Noted, and how he was able to sell $280,000 from his first campaign. (2:15)
  • Rick believes that handwritten notes are more valuable than ever in today’s AI-driven world and can help businesses grow authentically through strong relationships with customers. (6:36)
  • Rick mentions that he builds strong relationships with his clients to attract and retain them, rather than just competing on price. (9:39)
  • Rick explains that it’s important to have a long-term mindset and obsess about every client’s experience to set yourself apart from the competition who often have a “grass is greener” mentality. (16:06)
  • Rick explains that it’s easy to work with their software and they can integrate with Zapier, Integrately, or API. (18:54)
  • Rick shares that they can create a custom handwriting style for a fee, which takes into account things like the spacing and ligatures in the individual’s handwriting. (21:39)
  • Rick mentions that they can control the viscosity of the ink, which results in a nice smear effect when one touches the ink with their thumb, making it clear that the note was not printed. (25:00)
  • Rick shares that other industries like home services and politicians are getting creative with using handwritten notes to get signatures and donations. (28:24)
  • Rick discusses the value of handwritten notes and how Simply Noted brings personal touch into the digital and AI revolution. (33:34)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “We help companies, agencies, entrepreneurs, basically anybody in business, help to integrate, automate, and scale building relationships and loyalty within their business. And the way that we do that is with our handwriting robots that we built here in house.” – Rick Elmore
  • “I focus so hard on establishing the strongest relationships and connections with my best clients because I knew for someone else to come in, it’s going to have to be way more than just a better product.” – Rick Elmore
  • “We’ve married technology with an old school practice. We’re trying to make it as easy as sending an email like if you it really is, I mean if you’ve really tried it, once you do it once or twice like it really is as easy as sending an email. So we’re just trying to, you know, bring that personal touch into the digital and AI revolution. Because it’s more, we really believe it’s more valuable than ever.” – Rick Elmore

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