Solving the Hiring Riddle with Heritage, Episode #329


In this episode of Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers joined by three guests Jeromy Huerta, Caleb Walker and Michael Overstreet from Heritage, discussed their strategies for hiring and vetting new team members in the insurance industry, emphasizing the importance of aligning values and culture. They shared their experiences merging virtual agencies, highlighting the challenges of cultural differences and conflicting processes. They also discussed the importance of involving team members in the hiring process, creating a positive first impression for new hires, and personalizing the virtual onboarding experience. Finally, they discussed the use of virtual assistants in insurance agency operations and the benefits of merging VA’s and traditional employees in the virtual workplace.


Key points:

  • Local Talent in Insurance Agencies:

David Carothers and guests discuss using homegrown talent, emphasizing the importance of cultural alignment and personal experiences shared on their podcast about industry insights.

  • Merging Marketing Agencies:

David Carothers and Michael Overstreet explore the challenges and learning experiences from merging agencies virtually, focusing on integrating operations across different states and maintaining core values.

  • Core Values and Agency Turnover:

Jeromy Huerta stresses core values centered on winning and improvement. Caleb Walker and Michael Overstreet address high turnover rates during agency mergers and the importance of clear, successful core values.

  • Hiring and Firing Practices:

Jeromy Huerta and Michael Overstreet discuss hiring for values and cultural fit rather than just skills, emphasizing personal connections in the hiring process. David Carothers advocates for hiring based on attitudes and shared values.

  • Virtual Interviews and Onboarding:

David Carothers underscores the importance of video interviews for assessing candidate fit and shares strategies for making new hires feel valued through personalized onboarding processes.

  • Using Remote Employees Over Virtual Assistants:

David Carothers describes the transition from using virtual assistants to full remote employees, focusing on efficiency and growth. He highlights the use of activity-based productivity tracking and the benefits of integrating traditional employees with virtual assistants.

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