Taking the Agency Bill out of Your Agency with Davie Holt, Episode #193


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Davie Holt, a National Sales Practice Leader. Davie shares how IPFS is refining and redefining the way that premium payments and financing are done.

Episode Highlights:

  • Davie explains why IPFS has always been on the front edge of technology. (12:55)
  • Davie explains that IPFS’s strategy has always been to acquire and buy premium finance companies that couldn’t make it and have a strong track record of keeping those employees. (17:19)
  • Davie explains willful or ignorant misrepresentations of the policy is one of the most common pitfalls they encounter. (22:00)
  • Davie elaborates on how pushbacks are less likely to happen when people give customers a more narrow path to do business with them. (28:15)
  • Davie shares that when he started with IPFS, he was surprised to learn that, unlike IPFS that funds the markets on behalf of the agent, many bank-owned companies fund the agents directly. (33:54)
  • Davie shares that at IPFS, their goal is to properly train on how to sell and offer premium. (39:52)
  • Davie shares how IPFS works to build relationships with their clients by assigning them two dedicated people to them, an account executive and an advocate for your agency. (47:19)
  • Davie shares that he finds the insurance industry a great place to make a living. (53:41)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “The history of IPFS has always been to acquire and buy premium finance companies that couldn’t make it. And actually, we have an incredible track record of keeping those employees. So we’re not slash and burn.” – Davie Holt
  • “We knew that with as many people as possible on coverage, training, standards, and document marketing, we were never going to make experts out of insurance agents on premium finance.” – Davie Holt
  • “Our business was built off the backs of agents as everybody listens and so we owe that to you. We owe that to trying to continue to innovate and make your process easier.” – Davie Holt

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