The Agency Marketing Playbook with Nick Berry, Episode #308


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers interviews Nick Berry from Tech Marketer. Nick discusses his insights into evolving marketing strategies, the importance of an online presence in the insurance industry, and offers actionable advice for agencies looking to make a significant impact in the new year. 

Key Topics:

  • Nick Berry’s background in InsureTech and BrokerTech, and his journey from sales to marketing.
  • The current state of online presence for insurance agencies and its importance.
  • Nick’s experiment with insurance quote processes and its implications for consumer experience.
  • The transition from providing client services to teaching marketing tactics and strategies in the insurance industry.
  • The significance of community building and leveraging digital platforms in marketing.
  • Practical tips for improving marketing strategies and tactics, including the use of automation and email marketing.
  • The role of foundational content in establishing credibility and supporting more engaging, niche content.

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