The Macdonald Sessions 4 | Shoptalk Series, Episode #100


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck continue their conversation with Peter MacDonald, Co-founder & CEO at Wunderite for a four-part series called “The MacDonald Sessions.” In this session, Peter talks about band of pricing.

Episode Highlights:

  • Peter shares what “band of pricing” is technique and how it can be used to talk about pricing with customers and prospects. (1:56)
  • Peter explains that price is always going to come up and you can take a proactive risk management approach to discuss it with your clients . (8:59) 
  • David discusses how to be able to know if a client is getting a competitive price. (11:53)
  • David shares why it is also important to be able to analyze and walk away from an opportunity if needed. (15:44)
  • Kyle shares the situation where he had a bad prospect, and how he was able to deal with it. (18:31)
  • Peter and David explain how important it is to pre-qualify clients and prospects, as well as practice recapping what happened during the process of getting a sale. (23:39)
  • Peter shares that it is important to visualize your success and then analyze it to see what you can do better next time. (26:45)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I think of everything, and I honestly feel like every single problem that our industry has revolved around education.” – David Carothers
  • “I think the best athletes visualize their success and then they watch their footage to see what they could do better next time.” – Peter MacDonald
  • “I think it’s helpful to anchor that concept in your customer’s mind that there’s a band of pricing, and you can be on the high side, you can be on the low side, you can never guarantee you’re going to be on the lowest with insurance.” – Peter MacDonald

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