In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Eric Rich of Mentor Insurance, Eric talks about the incredible potential in the insurance industry as well as some of the things we need to consider in order to be successful.

Episode Highlights:

  • Eric shares his background story and how he ended up in the insurance industry. (3:47)
  • Eric explains that the biggest lesson he learned was being able to understand the sense of his grit. (8:50)
  • Eric talks about his goal of being able to share his job opportunity with others and let them know that there is a lot of potential in this industry. (14:24)
  • Eric recalls the moment he saw the value that people create and problems being solved for clients in the industry. (20:57)
  • David shares that Cole’s Directory is something that continues to be useful today. (25:17)
  • Eric talks about always telling his agents that a good agent is not afraid to share bad news with their clients. (32:33)  
  • Eric shares that the biggest mistake that he is seeing in newer producers is the lack of persistence. (40:41)
  • Eric advises the listeners to find a friend in sales but in a different industry. (43:25)
  • Eric explains why we, as an industry and as producers, do a poor job of explaining to our clients what we do. (52:52)
  • Eric discusses that to be successful, you have to have patience and persistence in the industry. (1:00:45)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I never knew that I could even be in this position or have this type of success. I never knew this job was out there. I tell all my young producers, just the greatest kept secret in the world. It’s the greatest case, the greatest job in the world.” – Eric Rich
  • “I always tell my agents that a good agent is not afraid to share bad news with their client. And I say, get it out in the open as soon as possible.” – Eric Rich
  • “I’m a big person on persistency. I always say that’s the number one thing you have to have in this business. You’ve got to be persistent.” – Eric Rich

Resources Mentioned:

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