The Real Pro of Loss Runs with Brenden Corr, Episode #229


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers interviews Brenden Corr, Senior Director of Business Development at Loss Run Pro. Brenden shares how Loss Run Pro is helping new businesses manage loss run requests and enabling claims teams to build their workflow. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Brenden shares his background and what led him to join Loss Run Pro. (2:25)
  • Brenden explains that Loss Run Pro offers two different solutions on the market; the first is really designed to help new businesses, and the second is an entire system that enables a claims team to build out their workflow. (3:32)
  • Brenden mentions that the platform solution offered by Loss Run Pro costs $29/month or $300/year per user, and allows agencies to be far more proactive in an area that is often overlooked. (7:16)
  • Brenden believes that Loss Run Pro tells the whole story of a business, not only from an operational standpoint but also from a risk management one, as well as how the owners and the employees are behaving. (12:26)
  • Brenden shares that 68% of their clients get loss runs within three business days, which is far faster than the traditional method. After 10 days, Loss Run Pro has greater than 97% loss run retention rate. (16:28)
  • Brenden believes that creating a business plan is critical since it is the first step in knowing what is needed and what the expectations of owning a business are. (19:09)
  • Brenden discusses the importance of attending demos and being kind. (24:24)
  • Brenden shares Loss Run Pro has big plans for 2023. They’ve expanded to about 2000 agencies in under two years, which enables them to have key talks with carriers. (25:48)
  • Brenden believes that utilizing Loss Run Pro helps an agency or producer realize who’s genuine about letting them quote their business. (28:30)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Loss Run has two different solutions in the marketplace, the first is really designed to help new businesses. Secondly, we have an entire system that allows a claims team to build out their workflow.” – Brenden Corr
  • “Loss Run tells the whole story of a company, not only from an operational standpoint, but also the risk management standpoint, and how the owners and or employees are behaving.” – Brenden Corr
  • “We’re not trying to disrupt the whole industry, we do one thing. We don’t need a whole lot of integrations, it doesn’t need a whole lot of training, you use it, you get loss runs faster, it gives you more opportunities.” – Brenden Corr

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