The Ware Sessions 4 | Shoptalk Series, Episode #109


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck are joined by Crystal Ware. Crystal shares how she got into agency ownership and the lessons she has learned as an agency owner which others may benefit from.

Episode Highlights:

  • Crystal shares her story of how he made her way into owning an agency. (3:02)
  • Crystal mentions that quarterly checkpoints with your employees can be much more effective than longform employee reviews. (7:46)
  • Crystal explains how they leverage their client base to show the value they bring. (12:30)
  • Crystal believes that communication is the key to success, whether you’re operating a company, dealing with staff, or working with clients. (16:34)
  • David mentions that the big agencies are using virtual professionals less than the smaller agencies. (19:18)
  • Crystal explains the value of virtual professionals and why they are an excellent option. (26:40)
  • Crystal explains that if you have a large number of small accounts, you should scale down your efforts, particularly if you don’t have virtual assistants and are paying in USD. (35:22)
  • Crystal notes that she was aware of the difficulties in getting clients to pay for adequate coverage and pay agency fees, but what has surprised her the most was that no one questioned her once she explained it to them. (39:27)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Everybody is a master of their own schedule to a large part and it’s about getting the work done and not about, let me see your face from nine to five.” – Crystal Ware
  • “If it’s a good partnership, it stays. And that comes down to kind of everything in business, whether it’s running the business, working with your employees, or talking with your clients, it comes down to communication.” – Crystal Ware
  • “Everybody needs insurance and somebody needs to insure them, but you need to be compensated for that.” – Crystal Ware

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