The Waymaker with Stuart Leo, Episode #181


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Stuart Leo Founder & CEO of Stuart discusses the importance of software in the industry, and the key points in our history that can be used as a tool in today’s software and strategic process. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Stuart shares his background story and what is all about. (2:07)
  • Stuart explains how they were able to build up the company from the concept of military strategy. (4:49)
  • Stuart talks about how small-to-medium-sized enterprises would benefit from the system. (12:08)
  • Stuart explains three common problems that every organization will go through, starting with companies spinning their wheels. (14:01)
  • Stuart elaborates on why people need software and the seven questions that they have on their website. (17:42)
  • Stuart shares that the biggest challenge that he has encountered was the challenge of people learning new skills. (22:12)
  • Stuart explains that their goal as a company is to be the Siri and the Alexa of your business. (28:17)
  • Stuart shares some lessons from US history that can be turned into a great software and strategy process. (30:05)
  • Stuart explains that coaches and consultants love them because they get a methodology they can take to their clients. (36:58)
  • Stuart talks about their company’s pricing for partners and business users and their inclusions. (40:21)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Everybody thinks that I’ve got to hustle. Actually, no, you’ve got to focus. You’ve actually got to do one or two or three things remarkably well, and then you gotta let go of everything else. ” – Stuart Leo
  • “Look at the percentage of time you spend working out how to win, and the percentage of time you spend trying to win, and if you just rebalance that one thing alone, you will achieve massive transformation.” – Stuart Leo
  • I think there are some lessons to learn from history, that we’re going to turn into some cool software and some cool strategy processes, put them in our playbooks, and get them back out there and flip and win the game.” – Stuart Leo

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