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In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Harrison Wicker, CWCA, Risk Advisor & Work Comp Specialist at Insurance People of North Carolina. Harrison talks about redefining the process around his networks and the data that is available in the Workers’ Comp area.

Episode Highlights:

  • Harrison mentions that from a revenue standpoint, getting after every business is something that’s not sustainable in the long run. (5:57)
  • Harrison shares that six weeks ago, he made a change where 100% of his prospecting is done based on workers comp, and it has pushed him to be better for the coming year. (6:26)
  • Harrison shares that he’s been in the insurance industry for seven years but he redefined the process to build advisory boards around his network for the different verticals he’s working on. (9:03)
  • Harrison mentions that his greatest strength is coming into an account, being able to know more about them from other industry experts, and having an insight on similar accounts that they read as well. (9:44)
  • Harrison shares that honesty is significant. Because if you don’t disclose something that they find out through the underwriting process, that’s going to be a bad look not only to your agency but to submission, in general. (33:10)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Workers’ Comp is something that I think more recently, a lot of agents are getting into. But a lot of people shied away because of the commission levels and the time spent on it. But for me, I love a challenge.” – Harrison Wicker
  • “I think Workers’ Comp is one of those lines where you have to be intimate with it, you’ve got to have a deeper level of understanding of the client or the prospect you’re working with.” – Harrison Wicker
  • “As agents, building a successful program, the devils in the details, so you really have to dig in and get them to buy into your process and that’s being trusted from the gate.” – Harrison Wicker

Resources Mentioned:

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Kyle Houck