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In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck, interview Charles Visalli, Vice President of Time For Wine. Charles talks about how he got into the wine industry and why he is passionate about teaching others about wine. 

Episode Highlights:

  • David introduces Charles Visalli. (1:25)
  • How did Charles get into the wine industry? (2:06)
  • Charles talks about his previous work experience. (2:23)
  • Charles considers wine as a symbol of friendship and hospitality amongst people. (2:30)
  • Charles says that Time For Wine is just a fun business and a great way for people to learn about wine. (3:29)
  • Charles explains how his business started (5:32)
  • What’s Charles doing to continue his passion for the business? (7:20)
  • Charles says they have a wine club and there are people who attend their regular teaching taste programs. (7:52)
  • Kyle asks Charles what does the team-building exercise looks like? (9:20)
  • David says that “virtual happy hour” is now a trend. (11:01)
  • David mentions that Charles introduced him to different variations of wines from different countries. (14:03)
  • Charles shares a story about the law firm that approached him. (15:08)
  • Does Charles have access to different types of wines? (19:19) 
  • Charles mentions that Spain produces great wines. (24:27)
  • How much of the wildfires have forced them to look for other places inside the US to have wine originate? (26:33)
  • What’s Charles’ current favorite wine? (28:01)
  • Charles says that opening a bottle of wine and letting it breathe allows the wine to reach the right texture, flavor, and desired style that you want to enjoy as the winemaker intended it. (32:27)
  • What is the meaning of tannins? (33:23)
  • Charles talks about his subscription program. (36:15)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “We coined the phrase a teaching and tasting experience.” – Charles Visalli
  • “We bring not only the entertainment aspect but a real way for people to learn about wines.” – Charles Visalli
  • “We really taste wide with our eyes first, and then our nose and then our palate.” -Charles Visalli

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