In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Justin Goodman, President of Total CSR. Justin discusses the changes they’ve seen, what’s new in the business, and how agencies are succeeding by utilizing the Total CSR platform.

Episode Highlights:

  • Justin shares his background. (2:22)
  • What challenges did Justin encounter throughout the company’s transition? (11:22)
  • Justin mentions that they invested around a half-million dollars about nine months ago to rebuild and improve their platform. (14:41)
  • Justin explains how they offer their platform and pricing to both small and large businesses. (18:46)
  • Justin explains that understanding that each agency had its own process led them to realize that they needed to empower their clients to easily build their own courses. (24:25)
  • Justin explains how they present their platform to new agencies that join. (26:07)
  • Justin mentions that one of the industry’s major difficulties is the lack of choices for assessing personality and cognitive aptitude, which are generally done on a transactional basis and are pricey. (28:15)
  • What has been the most rewarding factor of Justin’s journey in establishing Total CSR? (32:28)
  • What does Justin expect to see in the insurance industry? (38:08)
  • Justin explains that one of the things they want to know while completing their assessments is if these clients will be active learners and driven enough to be successful within the agency’s main tasks. (48:46)
  • Justin shares his goal of becoming the world’s largest insurance talent magnet. (49:43)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “In our system, we assess for personality profile tied to the specific role in the agency. We also test for aptitude tied in a specific role, we test for emotional IQ, which again is critical in what we do, and computer literacy.” – Justin Goodman
  • “By taking that feedback, by being bigger, by investing, ultimately, we got on their radar, but we had no guarantees that we’re going to drive response in them, other than the initial feedback they provided to us. And so I had to have enough confidence to say, if I build it, they will become interested and it will open more doors for us.” – Justin Goodman
  • “What we’ve allowed is all the interactivity in our system. They can build simple drag and drop way of building courses, but they can upload their specific videos on how to do th process.” – Justin Goodman

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