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In this episode, David and Kyle talk with David LeFevre from David is a CRM and Automation expert with a ridiculous resume in the marketing space. David is an avid fisherman, a father, and an overall good guy. David spends time unpacking the biggest obstacles he has encountered while implementing CRMs and automation with his clients and former employers as well as some of the biggest successes. If you are struggling to define your process, this episode is a “must listen.”

In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck, interview David LeFevre, who works in the marketing department of Florida Risk Partners and David talks about how to use CRMs to ensure your salespeople have the tools they need to be successful, and the importance of knowing and being able to talk about your customers.

Episode Highlights:

  • You are not an insurance agency until you close a deal and you have to do policy administration. Until that point, you are a sales organization. (8:55)
  • The difference between a B2B sales organization and an inbound sales organization. (10:08)
  • David discusses his daily routine and how he breaks down his days. (10:50)
  • David’s backstory and how he got to where he is now. (13:45)
  • Using mapping to show customers and leads in a certain radius or boundary. (20:56)
  • There are different types of people who are good at different things, let people play to their strengths. (22:30)
  • What’s the biggest mistake David has seen that the sales organizations make? (24:40)
  • It really comes down to managing your team and having realistic expectations, so the biggest mistake is having unrealistic expectations. (24:55)
  • What’s one thing David LeFevre sees that successful organizations have in common? (26:00)
  • Giving your salespeople the support they need to be successful. (26:36)
  • David LeFevre’s explanation of the strategy around content. (28:50)
  • You can determine your future customer’s needs based on your current customer’s needs. (30:50)
  • Know your customer, and be able to talk about them the same way you can talk about yourself. (32:30)
  • What’s the biggest obstacle David dealt with in implementing automation and CRM in companies he works with? (36:17)
  • The idea of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is centralized contacts and management of information, where everything that’s being done is not lost. (38:10)
  • The CRM helps ensure you are giving your salespeople the tools they need to succeed. (39:55) 
  • Install a CRM to help prevent information from leaking out. (41:55)
  • What is David’s advice for someone who is getting started with using a CRM? (46:00)
  • Stick to the basics and don’t do something that makes you segment out your clients. (46:37)
  • David Carothers is doubling down on evergreen content instead of coronavirus content. (49:55)
  • Use email as a tool to build relationships. (56:15)
  • David LeFevre clarifies the difference between advertising and marketing. (57:00)

3 Key Points:

  • Use your current customer’s needs to determine your future customer’s needs.
  • In order to know your ideal customer, you need to be able to succinctly describe your customer.
  • CRM helps ensure that your salespeople have the proper tools and also keeps your information safe.

Tweetable Quotes: 

  • “The high production agencies realize that they are sales organizations.” -David Carothers
  • “Mapping is an essential part of all business today in the United States.” -David LeFevre
  • “Success breeds on success so give your salespeople winning opportunities.” -David LeFevre
  • “People need to think of their customer just as they do trying to talk about themselves.” -David LeFevre
  • “When I think of marketing, I am trying to create awareness for my company…Advertising is giving money to somebody else to get my information in front of you, regardless of when you’re ready to buy.” -David LeFevre
  • “I think advertising is shouting.” -David Carothers

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