Using Propeller to Supercharge Your Sales with Aaron Steffey, Episode #97


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Aaron Steffey, Co-Founder and Director of Sales and Marketing at Propeller Bonds. Aaron talks about the types of bonds and how Propeller Bonds has been doing since it opened.

Episode Highlights:

  • Aaron mentions the offices they opened. (4:37)
  • Aaron shares why he chooses to bond. (10:02)
  • Aaron shares the types of bonds that he has automated. (13:44)
  • Aaron mentions what is the most commonly procured bond. (15:42)
  • Aaron shares the two types of potential buyers’ journeys. (22:55)
  • Aaron shares what they utilize when tracking a bond. (31:11)
  • Aaron shares how their business has been going since they launched. (39:18)
  • How much does it cost for the people to get engaged at Propeller Bonds? (43:05)
  • Aaron shares how the compensation works at Propeller Bonds. (44:17)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I thought that maybe using my brain and a couple of other people, we could talk about something that we can maybe solve like a really serious problem within the insurance industry.” – Aaron Steffey
  • “We not only are automating it and helping agents, but the carrier’s really loved working with us because we’re distributing products for them much more efficiently than they can.” – Aaron Steffey
  • “I guess we can do different things to different people. I think that’s what’s cool about our product is that it is so adaptable. I can submit a $5,000 bond or a $500,000 bond. We can be there to help you streamline that and get it out the door quickly.” – Aaron Steffey

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