Using The AMS to Drive Processes and Systems with Bogus Handzel, Episode #243


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Bogus Handzel, CEO of Handzel & Associates. Bogus discusses the unique systems and processes that his agency has put in place to efficiently manage their workflow and handle a high volume of clients. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Bogus shares that Handzel & Associates’ niche is serving the Polish community in Chicago, and it was founded by his father, a Polish immigrant, who started the agency as a way to create a livelihood for himself. (2:22)
  • Bogus explains that Handzel & Associates has a multilingual team, with 25 individuals fluent in Polish. In addition, one team member speaks both Spanish and English, making everyone on the team multilingual or trilingual. (3:36)
  • Bogus discusses the need for understanding culture while evaluating non-standard policies, as each policy is unique and cannot be compared equally. (11:01)
  • Bogus explains that Handzel & Associates outsources backend data processing and automates key renewal touchpoints, using third-party firms to pre-fill missing information and handle the data, leaving team members to concentrate on insurance negotiations. (13:12)
  • Bogus shares about their past and current agency management systems. (20:00) 
  • Bogus discusses how the insurance industry has changed over time, with carriers now focusing more on direct writing and marketing. (22:50)
  • Bogus explains the importance of offering different types of learning opportunities, the value of learning from others, and the advantages of sharing personal experiences and best practices. (27:02)
  • Bogus discusses the challenges of initiating succession planning conversations with younger potential agency owners. (35:04)
  • Bogus mentions that he only allows his staff to use technology after internally evaluating it for three months and ensuring it improves existing procedures and the renewal process, rather than merely throwing money at a problem. (45:20)
  • Bogus discusses the significance of collaborating with other agency owners and seeking assistance when required since they are likely to have important knowledge and expertise. (49:44)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Don’t be afraid to collaborate with other agency owners. Ask people questions, there are people that are going to be willing to help you because they’ve been in that position at one point. So, you got to put your pride aside sometimes and ask for help.” – Bogus Handzel
  • “I don’t let my team see anything unless I’ve internally tested it for three months. I need to know how it’s going to affect everything that goes on in the agency, right? Because my approach to it is, there are so many shiny objects And if it’s not improving a current process of mine, it doesn’t make sense to add because it’s just going to frustrate everybody.” – Bogus Handzel
  • “I think one of the things is, you have to understand the culture. I wouldn’t compare each policy the same way, it’s not apples to apples, right?” – Bogus Handzel

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