“We All Need Reliable Partners” with Tina Meyer and Kat Billingsley, Episode #201


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Kat Billingsley and Tina Meyer of Reliable Premium Management. Kat and Tina talk through the process of calculating, collecting, and remitting premium payments based on payroll recorded each pay period. They offer a Pay-As-You-Go Work Comp Solution to their clients.

Episode Highlights:

  • Kat shares that she most enjoys talking to people and problem solving which she is able to in her role with Reliable Premium Management. (2:43)
  • Tina shares her background and what led her to Reliable Premium Management. (7:24)
  • Kat explains what Reliable Premium Management is and the advantage of having human involvement in the process. (10:33)
  • Tina shares about their new website that they will be launching that is going to be convenient for carriers and agents. (16:00)
  • Kat explains how they are making a difference in the industry with the services they offer. (21:11)
  • Tina shares how carriers leave a lot of exposure on their workers’ comp when they do it through the payroll reporting option. (28:24)
  • Tina explains that one of their services is the assistance of multi-entity policies. (34:47)
  • Kat shares how she was able to find value from their pre and post-audit assistance services. (39:27)
  • Tina and Kat explain the process of how they take on an account and look forward to the audit. (40:48)
  • Kat and Tina share the benefits of having the audit service that they offer and add that it can be provided as a standalone. (45:15)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “We are that extra arm of service for you as the agent to be able to provide that customized solution that pays as you go solution for your clients.” – Kat Billingsley
  • “When we provide an audit explanation, and we always copy the agent on that, we want the agent to know exactly why there was a discrepancy if there was one.” – Tina Meyer
  • “Because we were founded by an agent, with the intention of serving other agents, it really kind of fits all of those needs without stepping on anybody’s toes.” – Tina Meyer

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