Weeding Out The Competition with Marcus Harris, Episode #213


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Marcus Harris, Insurance Executive at Arnold Insurance. Marcus discusses how they value their producers, clients, and company at Arnold Insurance and shares the importance of different generations in the insurance industry. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Marcus shares his background and how he got into the insurance industry. (7:52)
  • Marcus talks about his marketing company, which initially started as a video production company because he loved the concept of telling stories through video. (12:04)
  • Marcus mentions that he initially started the insurance business when his dad offered to help him start an agency in Denver. (19:38)
  • Marcus explains that part of what Arnold Insurance tries to drive home for their producers is that they need to finish the job to protect their clients, the agency, and themselves. (26:08)
  • Marcus shares that, for him, working with his family is a blessing and rewarding as everything is an opportunity for them to work together. (28:23)
  • Marcus discusses his experience with Keystone. (33:34)
  • Marcus explains that one of the biggest challenges from his perspective of growing an agency is getting bigger clients, and the only way to do that this is to know your stuff. (38:09)
  • Marcus explains that you are in the right competition when you overcome others by being consistent and gladly competing with the ones that are left. (47:12)
  • Marcus shares how much he enjoys the rush of getting the Broker of Record. (54:10)
  • Marcus explains that the insurance industry needs a new generation, and it is always great to welcome people that are trying to build their careers in this industry. (56:31)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I think that’s what we’re trying to drive home with our producers is, hey, you’ve got to finish the job, you’ve got to protect us, protect the agency, protect yourself. And then you’ve also got to take the opportunity to truly educate your client, make sure they know what they have.” – Marcus Harris
  • “Insurance is a massive industry, right? I mean, there are tons of those guys in every corner. Most of those guys you get rid of, by just being consistent. And then the guys that are left, you’re glad to be competing against those guys. That means you’re in the right place. ” – Marcus Harris
  • “I think you realize that you weed out a ton of your competition by stuff that’s very much in your control. And when you get to a certain level, yes, you’re going to get beat by guys that can hit the ball better than you like that. Just note, they’ve just got a skill set that is different, right?” – Marcus Harris

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