In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck talk about the purpose of marketing drops, why we should value everyone regardless of their position, and why having a good conversation with the gatekeeper is important.

Episode Highlights:

  • David mentions that he got 25 to 30 emails asking him whether he is making drops right now, as he said on the podcast. (3:31)
  • Kyle explains that the whole purpose of the marketing drop is to either verify the information we have on the decision-maker or to determine who the right person is. (5:28)
  • Kyle discusses the principle of marketing drops. (6:55)
  • Kyle believes that having a good conversation with the gatekeeper is the first step, which is frequently missed. (9:12)
  • David mentions that he values everyone, regardless of who he is talking with. (11:21)
  • David believes that they should do another episode on prepping for the drop, and what happens after the marketing drop. (13:50)
  • David and Kyle talk about what to look for while doing marketing drops or having a conversation with a gatekeeper in their office. (14:13)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “The first thing that may often be overlooked is having a good conversation with the gatekeeper. Because the gatekeeper is literally the person between you and the decision-maker” – Kyle Houck
  • “I don’t talk any differently to the person that’s the receptionist than I do to the person who’s going to end up making a decision to buy from me, I’m the same regardless of who I’m interacting with.” – David Carothers
  • “If you’re paying attention to some things that they’ve got in their office, whether it’s just something cool that you see or something that you actually can relate with them on. I think that’s huge.” – Kyle Houck

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