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In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Jim Effner, President and CEO of P2P Group, Inc. Jim discusses what drove him to start P2P and what PNC is all about.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jim shares his career background. (2:03)
  • What led Jim to start P2P? (3:53)
  • Jim shares why he doesn’t want to convince anybody to attend one of his workshops. (7:55)
  • Jim explains the format of his workshops and how it has developed over the years. (11:18)
  • Jim mentions why PNC agents don’t sell life insurance. (15:32)
  • Jim shares his thoughts on why PNC agents don’t get involved in life insurance sales. (23:26)
  • Jim gives significant information about PNC customers. (26:23)
  • Jim mentions one of the pain points for the PNC agent. (32:27)
  • What’s the easy way for PNC agents to begin a conversation with a client? (34:51)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I make sure that when I do say yes, it’s almost like a habit. I’m doing what I love doing and I couldn’t do what I do today without what I did in the past. I have zero regrets but I’m in a good spot right now.” – Jim Effner
  • “The people that show up to our workshops are people that come with an open mind that are willing to invest both their money and their time. They desire to grow. They have a desire to get better. They have a desire to maximize the potential that they know is out there.” – Jim Effner
  • “When I open up every workshop, I’m very crystal clear with them to say that every single one of them has the same barrier. The same barrier they have is their fear and the inherent fear that they have is the fear of what other people think of them.” – Jim Effner

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