What we Didn’t Know with Moe Latif, Episode #328


In this episode of Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers, Moe Latif, and Kyle Houck discussed the importance of embracing the unknown in sales, particularly when utilizing technology like Vertafore Agencies. They emphasized the need to build trust and provide value in insurance sales and supported the agent community by highlighting the significance of supporting small agencies.

Moe Latif and Kyle Houck emphasized the significance of listening to customer feedback to identify and address business challenges, while David Carothers highlighted the importance of understanding the sales process before implementing software solutions.

They emphasized the importance of building relationships through genuine conversations and asking questions and understanding clients’ problems before selling them any product.


Key Points:

  1. Embrace of Uncertainty in Sales and Technology: Highlighting the need to adapt and be open to the unknown, especially when implementing new technologies like Vertafore Agencies to streamline insurance sales processes.
  2. Trust and Value in Insurance Sales: The significance of building trust with clients and providing value beyond just the product was emphasized, underlining the importance of relationship-building in sales.
  3. Support for Small Agencies: The speakers advocated for bolstering the agent community, particularly small agencies, by providing them with the necessary tools and support.
  4. Customer Feedback and Business Challenges: Listening to customer feedback was stressed as essential for identifying and addressing specific challenges within the business, leading to more effective solutions.
  5. Sales Process Understanding Before Software Implementation: David Carothers stressed the importance of having a robust sales process in place before integrating any new software solutions to avoid reliance on “shiny object syndrome”.
  6. Streamlining with CRM Systems: The discussion covered the effective use of CRM systems to automate sales processes, allowing agents to focus more on engaging with clients and less on administrative tasks.
  7. Problem Understanding Before Product Selling: A major point made was the importance of understanding a client’s specific problems before attempting to sell them a product, which leads to more targeted and successful sales.


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