Work Comp Experience for Days with Doug Avrin, Episode #278


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers interviews Doug Avrin. Doug discusses his expertise in Workers’ Comp and his goal to help lead and develop others.

Episode Highlights:

  • Doug shares his journey in the insurance industry, starting as a trainee and working his way up to leadership roles. (2:51)
  • Doug discusses the importance of providing great service and reducing experience mods for customers. (8:40)
  • Doug explains that supporting injured workers and prioritizing their well-being in the insurance industry prevents long-term negative effects on their lives and overall costs. (17:23)
  • Doug mentions that the insurance industry needs to do a better job educating people about the value and benefits of risk management and workers’ compensation, as many individuals don’t understand the importance until they experience it themselves. (28:11)
  • Doug explains that developing effective responses to objections is crucial in sales, as it allows you to confidently address them and improve your chances of closing deals. (44:27)
  • Doug shares that loss prevention engineers make recommendations that cost money, but when producers deliver the message, insured individuals are more likely to receive and act on it, leading to safer environments and reduced claims. (49:46)
  • Doug believes that building trust and long-term relationships in the insurance industry is crucial for success, and it requires being more than just competent, but also helping insureds lower losses and costs, and create a better environment for injured workers. (53:44)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Frankly, that’s kind of where I’m excited to be re-entering this industry is: let me lead some people again, let me develop them. Let me turn them into superstars so that they can crush it in the company that I end up working for will be able to do the same. I think this business is fun. I am competitive as the next guy. But this is how you win. I like to win.” – Doug Avrin
  • “Let’s be good at what we do out there. Let’s help these insureds lower their losses, lower their cost, and create a better environment for their injured workers. And when they get injured, let’s make sure we take care of them so they don’t want to go elsewhere. Save you the cost of turnover.” – Doug Avrin

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