Workers’ Comp Stylin’ and LinkedIn Profilin’ with Walt Goshert, Episode #20


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Walt Goshert, Insurance LinkedIn Expert and Independent Marketing Consultant. Walt discusses the value of understanding workers’ compensation and the benefits of using LinkedIn as a platform for building strategic relationships.  

Episode Highlights:

  • David introduces Walt Goshert. (1:25)
  • Walt shares his background in the insurance business. (2:31)
  • Walt says that he finds the insurance somewhat easy to understand, but at the same time boring as well. (4:45)
  • Walt likes to create a process of making a person trust you to be their advisor. (4:57)
  • Walt says that insurance has developed into a higher marketing type of discipline. (5:22)
  • What are we doing in our interactions and relationships with people to allow us to be perceived as respected, trusted advisors? (9:50)
  • Walt says that the producers should have the initiative to step up, initiate the relationship, and create the perception of value. (10:35)
  • David shares that a lot of agents are not willing to go the extra mile to invest in learning and understanding something that will make them successful in the future. (12:27)
  • David mentions that they view insurance as a commoditized shuffling of paperwork. (23:10)
  • David says the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that indirect costs of any claim across the general industry are anywhere between two and 20 times the direct cost. (23:49)
  • Walt says that one of the criteria of being a great producer is you need to be curious and fascinated about businesses. (32:47)
  • Walt says that video communication is a neat way to do business and also time-efficient for you and the client. (48:21)
  • David shares that we need to change the way we think to deliver the message to people the way they wish to receive it, not how we perceive they need to hear it from us. (49:50)
  • What are the three tips that Walt would give to a LinkedIn newbie? (55:15)
  • What are the three things anybody can do to set themselves on the right course (55:23)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “You can’t force someone to make a change, they have to internalize making that change for their own benefit.” – Walt Goshert
  • “We do business with people, we don’t do business with businesses.” – Walt Goshert
  • “You really need to plant your flag in a target market.” – Walt Goshert
  • “Everyone needs to have a prospecting habit and a prospecting process that you religiously follow each and every day.” – Walt Goshert

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