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With guest speakers...
Max Olson & Mike Almberg, Partner at Legacy Advisors

This webinar is an experience that promises to change the way you view your agency’s worth. Hosted in collaboration with Legacy Advisors, this complimentary webinar is your ticket to understanding the nuances of agency valuation and preparation for the future.


  • Expert Insights: Learn from the seasoned professionals at Legacy Advisors who have been guiding agency owners like you toward maximizing their firm’s value.
  • Transparent Knowledge Sharing: This is a no-pressure environment. Our aim is to equip you with knowledge, not to pitch you a sale. We’re here to learn and grow together.
  • Future-Proof Your Agency: Whether you’re planning to sell or pass on your agency to the next generation, get the insights you need to ensure you’re handing over a legacy of maximum value.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. How Agencies Are Valued: Demystify the valuation process with clear, straightforward explanations.
  2. Three ‘Whys’ of Agency Mergers: Understand the motivations behind agencies joining larger groups and how it could benefit you.
  3. Deal Structuring Essentials: Unpack the components of common deal structures and their significance.
  4. Pre-Sale Preparation: Discover the top three things you must do before considering selling your agency.

No Hidden Agendas, Just Pure Value

We understand the apprehension that comes with discussing the future of your business. Rest assured, this webinar is a safe space where you can freely explore your options and plan for the future without the fear of being preyed upon. We’re in this to foster a community of well-informed, forward-thinking agency owners.

Join us and step into a future where your agency’s value is not just preserved but maximized.
See you at the webinar!

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