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The Top Methods to Improve Your P&C Client Retention Using Employee Benefits

with Clayton Wood

Killing Commercial is partnering with Clayton Wood, Managing Partner of C. B. Wood Financial and the Virtue Health Consortium as our Industry Experts, for Employee Benefits.

If you have listened to the last four weeks of our shop talk podcast you have come to the realization that Clayton Wood is a brainchild.

This guy knows more about benefits than anybody I have ever met when it comes to loss-sensitive plans. Meaning level-funded, risk sharing, and all of those things I can get behind because that’s what I do when I deal with the worker’s compensation accounts.

Learn how to protect your clients and make them clients for life as Clayton Wood shares his strategies to save P&C agents from multi-line agencies coming in, getting their foot in the door, and then driving the wedge to take the P&C commercial in addition to the benefits.

If you don’t have a benefits relationship or are unhappy with the benefits relationship you have and don’t have the ability to place it in-house. You need to be on this webinar. It doesn’t matter what size your agency is, you will learn from this and the best part is Clayton’s going to give you the ability to access his tools at the end of the webinar and tell you how you can use him to protect your commercial accounts.

If you would like to work with C.B Wood Financial. Their referral from is here. And if you would like to download Clayton’s book, The Chronic Cost, you can view and download it from here.

 About Clayton Wood: Clayton specializes in building cost containment strategies around employer health insurance plans that lower the per employee per year (PEPY) cost for employers, as well as provides low to no cost care and prescriptions for employees. While the national average PEPY cost of health insurance is $15,000, with C. B. Wood Financial’s strategies and backed by the Virtue Health Consortium, our clients pay only $8,700 and have an average increase of less than 3% the last 10 years. Now with over 100 employers and 20,000 members in the program, the C. B. Wood Financial and Virtue Health Consortium partnership has proven long-term success.

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