Webinar Replay

Understanding and Selling with the Experience Mod

with David Carothers, Kevin Ring, & Todd Thams

I have just spoken to two absolute rock stars in the workers’ compensation space, and they have committed to conducting not one but two webinars on December 12th.  We’ll run them as two separate sessions, but you can log in and stay on the same link.  All of the content is about the worker’s compensation experience modification factor.  If that’s not sexy, what is?

So here’s the goods.  From 1:00 to 2:00, my good buddy Kevin Ring for the Institute of Work Comp Professionals will discuss how to understand the experience mod.  He will give you a good overview of what makes up the mod, what impacts it, and specifically, what you, as an agent, need to know to talk about it at the point of sale.

When Kevin wraps up at 2:00, coming in from the bullpen from Dennison, Iowa, six foot five, right-hander, bringing the heat Todd Thams, the CEO of Mod Advisor.  Todd and I will show you how we can take the principles Kevin talks about and use Todd’s software from Mod Advisor to close more deals than you ever thought you’d close, leading with workers’ compensation.

This free webinar is a college-level selling course with the workers’ compensation experience mod.  It’s the number one topic of all the webinars we’ve done for the last year.  That’s why I’m bringing it back to you again on December 12th, from 1:00 to 3:00 Eastern Time.

If you don’t register for this, your worker’s comp book is in jeopardy.  We’ll see you there on December 12th.

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