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Using Current HR Trends to Drive Commercial P & C Opportunities

with Kara Govro, the Chief Legal Expert for Mineral.

We have been bringing you webinar after webinar this fall, and it’s to get you ready for the January 1st sales cycle. The cool part is we’re bringing you stuff in some cases that we have never brought you before, and that is precisely what we’re doing with the webinar that we’re going to have on November 16th with Kara Govro, the Chief Legal Expert for Mineral.

If you listen to my podcast, you know that Mineral is a huge partner for us here at Florida Risk Partners, but we’re not going to talk about their software. We’re going to talk about the HR trends that you need to be aware of and can be able to discuss with your clients going into 2023.

Now, Kara’s going to go through all that stuff with you. I may sprinkle in a little bit about how Mineral can solve those problems and give you very specific and tactical examples of how we have overcome objections using some of the information she will provide.

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this free webinar on November 15th. Of all the webinars we have done, paid or complimentary, this is the one webinar you should not miss. Not only does it apply to your prospects and clients, but it probably applies to your agency as well. And you need to be hip on all of these things moving into 2023.

Specifically, we will address the following:

  • Without a handbook, employers (and managers) are making it up as they go along
  • Handbooks (or even just written policies) set expectations and make them much easier to enforce
  • Inconsistent application of policies will lead to discrimination claims
  • State laws vary wildly. If you don’t know them, you’re likely to step in it (e.g., dozens of types of leave)
    Wage and hour requirements vary by state and some things employers think they can do are illegal in all or many of them
  • Wage and hour laws are “strict liability” statutes, meaning the fact that you didn’t mean to do it wrong is irrelevant
  • Wage and hour claims add up fast and usually have fee shifting provisions
  • Incorrect classification of independent contractors is extremely common and leads to wage and hour claims (as well as trouble with the IRS)

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