Joshua Lipstone

Protégé Coach

“I want to learn from people who are already successful in my industry”

Joshua Lipstone is the Vice President of the Lipstone Insurance Group in Cary, NC and he’s been in the insurance industry since 2008. He has primarily focused on personal lines insurance until 2020 when he met the Cold Blooded Killer David Carothers and joined Killing Commercial.

He is married to his amazing and beautiful wife, Hannah Lipstone, and they are going on 15 plus years of marriage. When he’s not at the office or spending time with Hannah you can find him on the golf course where he was blessed with two hole-in-ones this year.

Joshua's Video Biography

He is passionate about helping his clients find the coverage they need and the experience they deserve because to him his clients deserve more than 15 minutes and he can’t be a good neighbor if he only works with one insurance company.

He recently started the hit podcast “Explain This Book To Me” under the AI Podcast Network Family. He had the pleasure of having David Carothers author of the book “The Extra 2 Minutes” as one of his guests and a must listen for any Cold Blooded Killers out there.

He is looking forward to challenge of mentoring and leading an elite group of individuals who are vying for the opportunity to become “The Protégé.”