Ricky Hayter

Protégé Coach

“The Killing Commercial Community is very special to me and the relationship I have developed with David over the past year has helped me both personally and professionally in a very challenging year.  This is a way for me to pay it forward.”

Ricky Hayter is an agent from Portland, Oregon. He started his insurance career with State Farm where he ran his own agency for 3 years before making the jump to start an independent agency.

In the time since, he has been building a scratch agency where he is able to demonstrates to his clients that not all agents are equal, and his clients are better off for it.

Ricky Hayter's Video Biography

Ricky has a natural ability to sell and excels in telemarketing, prospecting, overcoming objections, and finding solutions for his clients. He is working through the Killing Commercial Insurance Sales Program to take his skills to the next level with a focus on middle-market commercial accounts.

In his spare time, Ricky loves to spend time with his family biking, hiking and simply kicking back and relaxing. Ricky is The Protégé in the flesh. His team is lucky to have him.