3 Types of Insurance People

If COVID has taught me anything, it’s that there are three types of people in the insurance industry. And as we head into the new year, the question I have for you is which one of them are you?


There are three different types of people in the insurance industry, and COVID has made it obvious what the differences are between them. First, you have the adopters. These are the people that take technology and run with it. They’re early to make decisions, they’re quick to make decisions, and quite frankly, adopters may make some mistakes, but at the end of the day, they’re never left behind on the outside looking in. Adopters weren’t scrambling to look for webcams. They weren’t looking to sign up for a Zoom subscription. They didn’t have to train themselves on using Loom to do screen records and video proposals. They had everything in place, and an adopter was able to flick the switch and be done with it and make the transition into a virtual agency when COVID hit.


The second are the adapters. Adapters are reactive. They’re the ones who wait until something happens, and then they go and try to make do with what they can, or they try to buy technology after the fact. And honestly, adapters are almost always behind. Think about all of the people who needed to get webcams and couldn’t because Amazon had none in inventory. Adapters understood the need to change. They tried to. Some of them were successful, and some of them weren’t. It all depends on the need and how they were able to meet it.


And the third one is do-nothings. And sadly, there’s a lot of those in this industry. These are the people that thought, “This’ll pass, no need to change. We’ve always done business the same way.” And you know what, guys, it’s not just COVID. They think this about literally everything, and that’s not good. You can’t be a do-nothing and be successful at all in the insurance world. It’s just not going to happen. So it would be best if you made your decision as you’re heading into 2021, and you have an opportunity to make decisions this year.

Are you going to be an adopter, are you going to be an adapter, or are you going to be a do nothing? I can tell you this much. If you plan on killing it in commercial insurance, you better be an adopter, and you better get there in a hurry.


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