Break Through the Content Barrier

Are you hitting a wall with your content production? I get it. Sometimes, when you’re just starting, it’s not as easy as it seems, but I’m going to show you two common mistakes that people make that could be what’s affecting you, and I’m going to give you the solution to fixing it.

You Write for Others

My last blog post was about how you can use content creation as a producer training hack. And it might seem counterintuitive, but I think it probably made sense to you after you got through it. If you put your producers or are a producer and you’re going through this exercise, maybe you’re hitting a wall; perhaps you haven’t started yet. So, what I’m about to share with you will save you a lot of headache and heartache when you get on this road. Often, people begin to write, start to research, and want to put their stuff out there as if they’re writing a term paper for college or an independent study or something like that. That is the absolute worst thing you can do. When you create your content, you’re not making it for you; you’re creating it for other people.

How do They Ask Questions?

You need to think like those other people, and specifically think, What would those other people be typing into Google that would ultimately lead them to my content? One of the first mistakes in titling and voice has to do with how you ask the questions. Somebody is not going to go into Google very often and say, What is uninsured motorist coverage? Now they may type that in, but that’s not a buyer; that’s a researcher. And if you’re only answering questions, you’re giving people who don’t understand the concept, possibly, a comprehensive answer, but it’s not getting you any closer to a sale. Maybe in small increments, if people are coming back and routinely digesting more and more of your content, eventually, they’ll end up buying from you. But that is not a good way to title something. Do not use “what is” as the article’s subject. Very rarely is it going to end up in success.

Don’t be Authoritarian

The other one is titling it:  “Why you need…”. So, using uninsured motorist again as the example, titling an article, Why you need uninsured motorist, isn’t the kind of content you want to publish because it sounds like you are shouting your messages at somebody. This solution is what I think you need. Not necessarily the gentle approach that we would want you to take. A buyer is not going to go to Google and type in, Why you need uninsured motorists. And if they have uninsured motorist as their only search, your stuff’s buried anyhow. Either of those two doesn’t work nearly as well as what I’m about to share with you.

Create Questions from Their Point of View

Do I need uninsured motorist? Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. That is something that somebody who has a question will type into Google looking for the answer.  Now your content, when you answer these questions, cannot be authoritarian and crammed down your reader’s throat. It needs to be a reasonable explanation, broken down so that a layperson can understand what it is you’re trying to articulate.  Ultimately, you’re going to answer the question, you’re going to gain credibility, this person’s going to understand, and they can make an educated decision before they ever even call and talk to you, or email to reach out, or fill out a form on your website. What is our goal? We’re looking for excellent sales prospects and an efficient sales process. What’s more efficient than someone who has had the opportunity to hear articles written in your voice that answer the questions they have, and they can then decide before they call you? If you can get this locked down, if you can think about how you’re going to title your articles and the voice in which you’re going to write them, and you get that nailed, you’re going to kill it in commercial insurance.


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