Does Your Prospect Deserve a Seat at the Table?


My question for you is:  does this prospect even deserve to have a seat at the table? You’re the only one that can answer it. That’s the topic of today’s article.

Visualize the Empty Chair

One thing I always do when I meet with a prospect is to visualize a conference room, just like the one we have in our office. I envision all of my clients sitting around the table, but one chair is empty. The empty chair is for the prospect. And the question you have to ask yourself as a producer is, does this prospect belong in this chair? See, too many times we’re out producing business, and we get our eye off the ball. We know who our ideal prospect is, but if it’s money, why not just go ahead and write this type of account this one time? The problem with that thought process is that you don’t realize you’re diminishing the value proposition for every one of the clients that are already in your book of business.

Protect the Table

If you have your ideal prospect in mind, and you know who that should be, you should never deviate from that. At the end of the day, if you have an empty chair at your conference room table, you should only fill it with somebody who deserves to be in the presence of every other client that’s already in your book. If you don’t think that way, you’re going to end up losing the important people that are at the table, and you’ll find out that those chairs turn into revolving doors.

Stick to Your Guns

If you’re going to sell based on value, stick to your guns!  If you’re going to sell based on price, good luck. In a time where we’re competing against Google and Amazon, not other agencies, you need to do everything you can to provide a remarkable client experience and remain relevant in an ever-changing marketplace.

If you can envision an empty chair in a conference room full of your clients, you’re going to kill it in commercial, if you only let the worthy sit in that empty chair.

Until next time: kill or get killed!


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