Effectively Communicate Your Capabilities

Are you a one-trick pony, or are you a five-tool player? Does your audience know? How do they know? What have you done to ensure that the people seeking you understand what your capabilities are?

The Problem

Being a five-tool player is vital in the commercial insurance game, and the reason I’m giving you guys this video today is because guess what? I blew it! I blew it! I have not done an excellent job in the marketplace of letting everybody know what I can do. See, I can go deep with anybody when it comes to workers’ compensation. I can drive a wedge and close a deal with the best of them. You want me to dive into an experience modification factor analysis?  I can do that, and I can make the business case as to why you need to hire me on the spot. But here’s the problem: too many people are associating me right now with only understanding workers’ comp, and that isn’t good. That’s bad for me, and it’s terrible for them because I feel like I bring value across the board, and I feel like they could use that value.

The Solution

So here’s what I’m going to challenge you guys to do today. Please ensure that as you build out your LinkedIn profiles, you make sure people know your capabilities.  As you publish evergreen content, write on a variety of subjects.  When you have casual conversations with your peer group, or as you’re networking and talking with prospects, don’t be afraid to let them know what you’re capable of doing for them. Don’t be scared to talk about cyber liability. Don’t be afraid to talk about why you would not want to have a monthly limit of indemnity on the business income of 1/12. Talk to them about all of the things you know about, not in an obnoxious way; you don’t need to vomit insurance-speak all over the place, but you know what I’m saying.

The Result

Make sure they understand you’re well-rounded. Make sure that you’re not a one-trick pony. Because I think so many times we gravitate to what we’re most passionate about or what we’ve had the most success with, and as a result, we end up getting rusty in the other elements of our game. We end up missing out on opportunities because people don’t realize that, “Yeah, he does that too.” Take the next few days, really plan out a mission to make sure that everybody you come into contact with knows you’re a five-tool player and what you can do. If you can do that, you’re going to kill it in commercial insurance.


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