Producer Training Hack

I hear it all the time, “But David, I don’t have time to create content. David, I don’t know how to train my producers.” What if I told you you could kill two birds with one stone and have a content strategy that is second to none.

The Problem

People, I’ve heard every excuse in the book about why content can’t get created and why you can’t get product knowledge for your producers. Guess what? Today, let me explain to you exactly how I do it here and how you can have a content strategy that will have never-ending amounts of content going forward. The best way for you to get content produced for your agency to have on your website with excellent anchor text, great keywords, and that’s quite honestly relevant to your constituency is to have your producers created.

The Solution

Think about this. Your producer doesn’t have the best insurance knowledge because they’re new to the game. You hired him from outside the industry, or they’re just green, and they need some help. What better way to teach them than to create a list of questions they can’t currently answer. Questions prospects have asked them, questions they may have come up with themselves. Then, research the answer to those questions and create video content and blog posts, answering those questions in detail. It’s an excellent way for them to learn, but it’s even better you’re getting content that you can repurpose for your agency’s marketing strategy. And as my good buddy, Ryan [Hanley 00:04:42] says, every blog post you write is like hiring a salesperson 24 hours a day to live on your website.

The Benefits

Now your producers will kick and scream, and they’re probably not going to want to do it, but honestly, they don’t have a choice. If you’re a producer listening to this, you should want to do this. This strategy is how you get your business built up. This strategy is how you get accounts into your book. But think about it. Three things benefit a producer when they do this.

The Producer Gains Knowledge

Number one, they learn. They learn something they didn’t know before because you’re going to have them research it to such a level that they become an expert on it through their research. They then write a blog post or a series of blog posts, or a series of blog posts and videos, educating everybody else about what they’ve learned.

The Agency Gains Content

The second piece is, it benefits them because now they have a published article on the internet, on your website. And while it helps the agency, there’s no greater credibility for people wandering around the internet looking for information than your producer, having a published article that answers the question they had.

The Producer Gains Credibility

But the third one is probably my favorite. What better way to establish credibility with the prospect than when you’re in the meeting with them?  They ask you a question, you articulately, answer it and say, and by the way, I published an article on this topic not that long ago; I’m going to go ahead and shoot you the link when I get back to the office and you can read it. Why would we want to do that? Well, number one, it not only establishes credibility for the producer, that they are a subject matter expert on that topic. But suppose you can direct them to your website, and you have a CRM that will monitor who goes to your website and captures IP addresses. In that case, you can now validate that people are going there, and you can chase them around your site and see what other interests that they have. Now we can do that with HubSpot at our agency, and I realize that many people can’t, but that’s just one way to track people who are engaging with our content based on using the tools we have purchased.

If you have a problem with content right now, you needed to adopt this strategy yesterday. You’ll have better producers that have better product knowledge, and your agency will have a content strategy for years to come. This is what you have to do if you plan on killing it in commercial insurance.



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